World War II

In Class:

In addition to your book readings, we’ll be watching a series of documentaries on WW2.

Brainpop on World War II

A World at War Episode 20 Genocide

Civilians at War:

Why We Fight: The Battle of Britain


5/21-25 Wrapping up World War I

Day 1: Finish documentary titled “The Century: Shell Shock/America’s Time” ; data should be added to your video viewing guide we created last week; it ought to include the basics of the war–cause, effects, impacts, etc.

Day 2: Russian Revolution; we’ll be marking up the text of a reading on the Russian Revolution. This should be included in your binder check. We’ll also be comparing the Russian and French revolutions. This comparison handout should also be in your binder check.

Review for the test on your own. Test will be Tuesday, May 29 and will cover chapter 27 and the Russian Revolution.


Complete your binder check! It’ll be due the Tuesday after Memorial Day, May 29.

5/17-18 Textbook Analysis

Discussion Question

Should the losers of a war have to pay for damages inflicted during the war?

October, 2010 pays WW1 off.

In Class.

We’ll be looking at an excerpt from History Lessons which shows how different countries teach about WW1, in particular the Treaty of Versailles.

1. Watch the Paris Peace Conference. and part. two.

2. What is Germany’s response?

3. How do France, Germany, Russia and Great Britain treat the Treaty of Versailles in their textbooks?

  • what does it say (summary)
  • how do you know (quotes)

4. Honors will be looking at the portrayal of WW1 more broadly in the textbooks.

5/15-16 The Nuts and Bolts of WW1

In Class:

1. What are the questions you need to ask about a war to understand the basics of it?

2. Create a viewing guide using these questions. Leave space to answer your questions. We’ll compile answers while watching the following:

Keep up to date with readings from the Reading & Review guide.

3. Work day on Wednesday. Review MAIN causes of WW1.

5/14 Map Analysis

Consider the world maps on pages 418, 618 and 734. How do they each show the way the world was organized at that particular point in history? What changes in between?

If you consider the maps in terms of which countries are winning and losing in the scramble for imperial expansion, who do you see as the winner? Who has the most amount of territory at any given point in time?


Write a 1-2 paragraph explanation of how the maps describe the world at a given point and time AND how they change in between.

4/30-5/10 Age of Imperialism

These two weeks are going to be devoted to preparing students for understanding World War I and World War II. Students will need to read and complete notes through most of chapters 23-26.


4/23 The Enclosure Movement in Britain

1. What was this movement about?

2. When did it first occur?

3. What was happening in agriculture prior to Enclosure?

4. What made it controversial?

5. How does it impact your life today? (your own analysis)

6. What is an example today of a contemporary enclosure movement?

7. Today’s enclosure movement in Britain.