9/7 Time Compression in World History

JQ: Draw a timeline of human history. Start from as far back as you have a sense for; if you aren’t sure, start with 8,000 BCE. Fill in as many dates as you may know, considering different eras and inventions, rulers, regions, etc. (For an extra challenge, go back as far as the origins of the Universe!)


Announcement: Embedded Honors option for Western Civ will have a meeting Thursday, September 8 at 12:05 in room 225. Intent forms are due Monday, September 12th.

1. View the History of the World in 7 Minutes. How does it compare with your own timeline?

2. Time Compression. How long is “long ago?” Read excerpt from Big History from the Big Bang to the Present, by Cynthia Stokes Brown. What questions can we ask about the reading?

3. Create a simple analogy using yarn, a clock, or a book with a partner.



Return Course Expectations letter with parent/student signature.


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