9/12 Early Humans pt. 2

JQ5: Think about the ways that early humans lived: hunting and gathering food for example, or building their own shelter. How would you have fared during this time? Which tasks would have been exciting? challenging? rewarding? Which tasks would you be most prepared for today? Least prepared?


1. Finish watching Neanderthal v. Cro-Magnon part one and N v CM part two. How were other early humans similar or  different? Use your worksheet for recording details for the last two listed groups.

2. Who are the Cro-magnons? How did early and modern humans differ? Read pp. 16-20 and finish the Prehistory Chart that compares each of them.

3. Meet the Flinstones! What do they use stone, wood, and bone for? Add a 3 column table to your notebook. Label the columns: stone, wood, and bone. Look for examples of how the Flinstones used each of these “tools.”

Complete Prehistory chart comparing early humans. Due Tuesday 9/13/11.


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