9/21 Life in Sumer

JQ 10: Which aspect of civilization would be the most challenging to live without? Explain.

In Class

1. Share journal responses with a partner. Walk and talk…talk history.

2. Consider how civilization looks in Sumer. Toys, clay and business! (0-6:00 in the clip; beyond that is post-Sumeria)

3. Prove it! Add content about Sumer to your “Madison as civilization” grid. Create a third column in between those two called “in-between.” Think about what a mid-point would be for each given trait. For example, the written record began using clay and a stylus. We now have digital archives of documents. What may have happened in a civilization “in-between” those two?

4.  Review and discuss notes taken last night. Generate questions based on the readings. Distinguish your questions between comprehension questions and more analytical ones. Generate at least 3 comprehension and 2 analytical questions.





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