9/22 Proverbs, Tools & Cuneiform

JQ12: What types of tools do you use at home? What jobs are they doing for you? How could the job be done without the tool?

In Class:

1. What tools did the Sumerians master? How did those before them survive?

2. Finish watching Sumer clip from yesterday. Toys, clay and business! (0-6:00 in the clip; beyond that is post-Sumeria) Cuneiform helped Sumerians’ communication. Records mean keeping plans for the future!

3. What do we value as a society? What are some common sayings? Decode their Proverbs—complete the Sumerian Proverb handout.


Complete notes for chapters 1 & 2 in Heath (5-15 in Spielvogel) and journal entries 1-12. Journals will be checked in today through Monday. Unit One test is Friday (9/30) of next week.


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