9/23 Geographic dilemmas

JQ: In what ways does Madison’s geography impact our way of life?

In Class:

1. Look at and complete ancient maps of the Middle East and a political world map. (Check out TMBG “The Alphabet of Nations“)

2. What problems are created as a result of geography? What are potential solutions?

3. What geographic problems do we face today? How does our environment, both that which is physical and socially constructed, impact us?

  • Attacking the Obesity epidemic by first figuring out its cause
    EH: What are the differences between a physical environment and one that is “socially constructed?” How do approaches to overcoming geographical challenges differ between those that physically or socially constructed? Which are more challenging? Explain.

4. When and where did different crops originate?


One response to “9/23 Geographic dilemmas

  1. A physical environment is what is around you and is physically there. It is stuff like trees, grass, buildings, furniture, climate, etc. An environment that is “socially constructed” is the standards that other people set for you. It is how you should behave and interact with other humans. “Socially constructed” environments do not physically surround you, but that does not mean that they are not as real as physical environments. In physical environments you have to overcome geographical challenges by manipulating your physical surroundings, but in “socially constructed” environments you have to be able to communicate with other people and work together to overcome geographical challenges. I think that “socially constructed” environments make it harder to overcome geographical challenges because you have to work with other human beings to overcome these challenges, which may be hard depending on the characters of the people that you are trying to work with because human beings can be very difficult to work with.

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