9/26 Empires begin

JQ: What are the different ways in which you’ve seen newcomers treated: to school, your neighborhood, team, or club? What affects how you decide to treat the newcomer?

In Class

1. Finish geographic obstacles discussion. How can geographic obstacles be overcome? What are some of the differences between physically and socially constructed environments?

2. Beginning of Assyrian empire—one of soooo many!


3. Read sections 2.2 and 2.3 and complete the grid. Who were the newcomers to Sumer? How did they respond to the Sumerians?


Read pp. 38-43 and take Cornell notes (or other approved method on them.) Begin completing the grid comparing the Newcomers. Grid is due Wednesday.

Begin reviewing for test which is this Friday. Review sheet is in the Course Documents section of this site.


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