9/27 Hammurabi’s Code

JQ: Which laws do you think are critical to the functioning of civilization? Which laws would you change?

In Class

1. Who was King Hammurabi? View Turning Points in History: Hammurabi’s Code. Here are the specific laws (translated of course!)

2. Read about the laws he established. How do they compare with our own? Complete handout for homework.


1. Finish Hammurabi Code handout.

2. Continue work on the Chaldeans, Persians, and Assyrians handout. Due tomorrow. Complete notes for Chapter 2 in Heath pp. 38-49; Spielvogel pp.31-49)

3. Continue to study for Friday’s exam. (Unit review sheet)

4. Embedded Honors: What do the 12 laws from Hammurabi’s Code discussed in your text tell you about the nature and concerns of this king and his people? Post a response discussing why historians say it is based on the principle of an “eye for an eye.”

5. Optional: Watch/listen to:  The Mesopotamians by TMBG

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