9/28 Religion in Mesopotamia

JQ: What evidence of religion do you see in our society? Where does the evidence exist? In media? Architecture? Politics? What role does it play in our society?

In Class

1. Discuss the differences among Sumerian religion, Judaism, and Zoraster religions. (based on Heath text chapter 2) (How have religions spread over time and space?)
2. Complete handout comparing them.


1. Complete notes for Chapter 2 in Heath (pp. 38-49)

2. Complete Comparative Religions handout.

3. Embedded Honors: Post response (about a paragraph long…) to the following: What part did religion play in Mesopotamian culture? Why was religion so important to the people there, what forms did it take, and what did it teach succeeding civilizations?

4. Optional Humor: Why are there only 10 commandments?


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