10/5 Minoan and Mycenae cultures

JQ: Think about two different cultures you are a part of: family, sports team, club, religous, etc. Make a list for each (a t-chart would work) describing what characterizes them.

  1. When did the group begin? (Or when did you begin to be a part of it?)
  2. What are their rules? (either formal or informal)
  3. What do they enjoy together? (how do they spend their time together)
  4. What are their concerns? 
  5. What do they value?
  6. Other characteristics?

In Class

1. Review the impact geography has on Greece. What do your notes tell you?

2. Greek timeline. Where are we so far in history? Look at both a simplified and detailed timeline of Ancient Greece. Where are we headed?

3. Look at two early cultures of Greece: the Minoan and the  Mycenaeans; How were they similar and how were they different? Can you think of any present day examples that would be comparable in terms of culture? Use data from your textbook and this reading to create a Venn diagram comparing the two cultures. If time permits, look at this tour of the Minoan palace on Knossos.


Read pp. 105-108 and take notes on the reading.

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