10/12-13 Democracy in Athens

JQ: What decisions that affect you do you wish you had more of a say in? Which decisions are you OK letting others decide on your own behalf?.

In Class

1. Focus on Athens with a concept definition map on democracy.  The concept definition map puts the term democracy in the middle and then has four spokes coming off of it:  definition, characteristics, examples, and non examples. (Add details from brainpop, lecture, and PBS Athen’s clip: Militia and Tyranny & Democracy is Born spanning 6:13-14:00 on the DVD)

2. How inclusive was their democracy?

3. What does direct democracy look like today? We’ll spend class looking at the role direct democracy plays today in the United States. We’ll be in the LMC and use the site: ballotpedia.org


1. Quiz Friday-open notes. Review your notes Wednesday and Thursday night.

2. Embedded Honors: Add democracy concepts from Pericles funeral oration to your Venn diagram.


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