10/17 “The Golden Age of Greece”

JQ: None.

In Class:

1. Discuss assignment about Direct Democracy using Ballotpedia.org. Collect.

2. Discuss the important contributions from Pericles:

  • In 461 BC the assembly elects Pericles as one of Athen’s generals.
  • His goals were to: 1) strengthen Athenian democracy; 2 build a commercial empire;a and 3) glorify Athens.
  • Famous oratory speech: Perciles’ Funeral Oration (excerpt is in Heath, p. 119 and in Spielvogel on pg. 68)

2. Begin watching “Time Life: The Age of Excellence.”


Heath: Chapter 5, Section 3:  “Athens led Greece in its Golden Age” Pages 115-120 – STOP at “Philosophers Searched for Truth”;

Spielvogel: Pages 67-71:  Growth of Athenian Empire and; Pages 71-74:  Culture and Society during Golden Age


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