10/19-20 Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle

JQ: Are you the type of person who asks many questions? Who do you ask them to? What types of questions do you like? Factual? Philosophical? Humorous?

In Class:

1. Who was Socrates? What did he believe?

2. The trial of Socrates.

  • Another attempt (after the successful attempts of 411 and 404) is made to overthrow Athenian democracy.  This one, in which young men associated with Socrates play a prominent role, is beat back.
  • 399 B.C. Socrates is charged with “corrupting the youth” of Athens and “not believing in the gods the state believes in, but in other new spiritual beings.”  He is convicted on a 280-220 by a 500-person jury of freemen, then sentenced to death by hemlock by a larger margin.

3. Occupy Wall Street. What would Aristotle and Socrates say?


From Tuesday:
Heath: Chapter 5, Section 3 (continued) Pages 120-122 “Philosophers Search for Truth;

Spielvogel Pages  75 -81:   “The Greek Love of Wisdom” Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

For today:
Heath: Chapter 5, Section 4:
“Alexander’s Conquests spread Greek Culture”Pages 122-127

Spielvogel: Pages 84-102 “The Hellenistic World”


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