11/15 Mapping out Chapter 7

JQ: What are the benefits of unifying a territory through currency, taxation and roads? Is the European Union an example of this?

In Class:

1. We’ll be in the LMC today using Inspiration to map out Chapter 7 on the Roman Empire. Bring your notes you’ve taken to date.

2. How similar is the Roman Empire to the “empire” of the United States? Create a Venn diagram using the data from the following sources to create a comparison between the Roman Empire and the United States. This diagram is due Monday, November 21st. Bring your Venn Diagram with you.


1. Reading/Notes: Heath: 155-160; Speilvogel: Pages 149-156

2. Complete the Venn Diagram comparing the US and the Roman Empire. It is due Monday, November 21st. You’ll be able to add more to it as you complete your textbook reading for the chapter.

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