12/12-13 The Rise of Towns

DQ: How are the places we live designed? Who designs them? Why? What are their guiding principles?

In Class:

1. As we start Chapter 10 on the Rise of Towns, we’ll take a step forward and look at how issues or urban and regional planning persist today.

2. The role of a historian: What are the similarities between the past and the present. Coming Full-Circle: Where were we in between?

The Death of the Fringe Suburb

Urban Farmers’ Crops Go From Vacant Lot to Market

3. Generate a flow chart that looks at what living spaces looked at during feudalism, where they look now, and what has happened in between. We’re going to look at how we got from there to here. (We did this in class on Tuesday.)


1. From Monday: Complete reading on Urban farming above, including circled, underlined, and numbered passages. Also include one discussion question at the bottom of each page.

2. From Tuesday: Create a flow chart as a visual companion to this article on the Fringe Suburb. What would you need to include in the visual to accurately and effectively summarize the ideas presented?

3. Read/Notes on Chapter 10.1. Notes for ALL of chapter 10 will be checked in the day of the test and will count towards your homework grade for the unit. (Speilvogel: pp. 228-242)


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