12/14 Farming improvements & the revival of trade

DQ: What options exist for growing food? What changes are possible?

In Class:

1. Complete visuals for “Fringe Suburbs” article.

2. Discuss notes from chapter 10.1, specifically around the ideas of “new ways of farming” and “rise of the middle class.” We’ll be generating questions from the readings. How can we start connecting these to current day? What are basic comprehension questions we could ask? What are those that areĀ provocative and intriguing?

3. Student-led discussions of the 4 sections of textbook. Student groups should plan for a slide of content and 2 discussion questions.

  • New ways of farming increased food
  • Towns grew larger and richer
  • Fairs were centers of trade
  • Guilds controlled crafts and trade


1. Read/notes on Heath 10.2 “Religious leaders wielded great power” and Speilvogel pp. 265-274.


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