1/11/12 The Magna Carta

DQ: What limits the power of our elected officials? What things should they be allowed to do? Not allowed to do?

In Class:

1. What powers might nobles and barons have wanted to limit? What about the peasants?

2. Watch Brainpop on Magna Carta.

3. The Model Parliament. How does it offer protection for both the nobles and the peasants?

4. Work through the handout on the Magna Carta.

Impact of the Magna Carta on the Declaration of Independence


Heath: 11.2 The Church faced a crisis in the 1300s; p. 254-256

Spielvogel: p. 300-303; The Decline of the Church: Magna Carta handout & contemporary response; Think about a specific way in which the Magna Carta is used in contemporary law. Be specific in what you extract from both the Magna Carta and documents still used today.

Related Resources

Translation of the Magna Carta


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