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11/21 Fall of the Roman Empire/Review

JQ: How accurate is a comparison between the Roman Empire and the present-day United States?

In Class:

1. Review the fall of the Roman Empire. What are its causes?

2. Discuss your Venn diagram in groups of 3: What are the similarities and differences between the Roman Empire and the United States?  Time permitting: three-person panels will present their diagram to the class and either conclude that the US is on a similar trajectory to the Roman Empire, or that it is not. At some point in the second quarter, you’ll be presenting such a panel to the class. You may choose the topic as we go along.

3. Review for exam. Distribute essay question to be on the test.


Study for the test. Bring in outline for your essay question on a 3 x 5 card.


11/18 Rise of Christianity

JQ: In what ways does religious tolerance help or hinder an empire?

In Class:

1. Discuss notes from SM lecture on the rise of Christianity. Consider why the distribution of Christians throughout the world looks like it does on the map.

2. Check in on the Venn diagrams being created about the comparison of both the Roman and US Empire. It is due on Monday.


1. Complete 7.4 in Heath: Rome’s empire declined and fell. Speilvogel: 157-158 and 165-172.

2. Complete your Venn diagram on the US and Rome for Monday.

11/17 Murderous Games

JQ: In what way is the way we order and select seats in a theater similar to the way the Romans did?

In Class:

1. Finish watching Rome: engineering an empire.

2. Discuss in small groups the reading Murderous Games. Complete questions and compare notes.

3. Discuss with large group the meaning of “Murderous Games.” Do we have anything similar today?


1. Complete reading/notes Heath: 160-164: The Rise of Christianity; Speilvogel: 158-162

11/16 Roman Engineering

JQ: None

In Class:

1. Review the Venn diagram comparing the EU, United States, and the Roman Empire in small groups.

2. Finish watching the documentary on Roman Engineering. You may watch  part one youtube.


Finish reading Murderous Games.

11/15 Mapping out Chapter 7

JQ: What are the benefits of unifying a territory through currency, taxation and roads? Is the European Union an example of this?

In Class:

1. We’ll be in the LMC today using Inspiration to map out Chapter 7 on the Roman Empire. Bring your notes you’ve taken to date.

2. How similar is the Roman Empire to the “empire” of the United States? Create a Venn diagram using the data from the following sources to create a comparison between the Roman Empire and the United States. This diagram is due Monday, November 21st. Bring your Venn Diagram with you.


1. Reading/Notes: Heath: 155-160; Speilvogel: Pages 149-156

2. Complete the Venn Diagram comparing the US and the Roman Empire. It is due Monday, November 21st. You’ll be able to add more to it as you complete your textbook reading for the chapter.

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11/14 Start of the Empire

JQ: None.

In Class

1. Brief overview of the Roman Empire via SB notes.

2. We’ll be watching a documentary on Roman Engineering. You may watch  part one youtube.


1. Reading and notes for Heath: pp. 150-154; Speilvogel  Pages: 138—149

2. Read “Murderous Games.” about the gladiators in Rome. We’ll be working with it in class on Thursday. It’s a little bit long, so you may wish to start it early in the week.

11/8 or 9 Quiz

In Class:

We will have our open notes quiz on Chapter 6 today.


Remember, the test for Rome (both the Empire and the Republic) will be November 22nd and 23rd. Tuesday will be the essay portion of the test and Wednesday will be the objective portion. Stay up to date with your readings and notes!