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4/9 Salons

This week we’ll be learning about the Age of ¬†Enlightenment thinkers of 18th century Europe. We will be preparing to host a salon on Friday.

The popular web site “Salon” is a nod to these earlier parties where hosts brought in the best of the best. These days it describes itself as:

“Salon is the leading progressive news site, combining award-winning commentary and reporting on the most important issues of the day. “

Similar to today’s “Ted Talks” where individuals share their intellectual ideas and others discuss them and are entertained by them. Consider this one about ethical animal behavior.

We’ll be hosting a salon on Friday. Details here:¬†Philosophes’ Salon


3/25-28 Absolutism

In Class:

Monday: Perform graphic novels in class (18.3 & 18.4)

Tuesday: Watch Russia: Land of the Tsars, Peter the Great documentary. How would you characterize his rule?

Wednesday: Finish Peter the Great (3) and review for test. Prepare Binder Checks.


3/19-20 Queen Elizabeth & The Absolute Monarch

In Class:


Who was Queen Elizabeth? What did she believe in?

Watch Brainpop on Queen Elizabeth.

Identify key vocabulary for the chapter. Complete vocab handout.


Complete grid on the challenges Elizabeth faces; discuss options for how to decide how much of something should be produced.


Consult reading and review guide in Course Documents.