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4/16 French Revolution

Monday: Revolutions

TuesdayThursday. This week students will be creating a storybook about the French Revolution. Students will include in the book both the French version and a modern one. The modern revolution will apply the tactics and chronology of the French revolution to modern times.

On Friday, we’ll be watching a film titled “The Guillotine.”

Homework for the week includes notes (see Reading & Review Guide), storybook planner and book page, and vocabulary sheet.


3/25-28 Absolutism

In Class:

Monday: Perform graphic novels in class (18.3 & 18.4)

Tuesday: Watch Russia: Land of the Tsars, Peter the Great documentary. How would you characterize his rule?

Wednesday: Finish Peter the Great (3) and review for test. Prepare Binder Checks.