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3/13 Anne Boleyn (One of Henry’s wives!)

In Class:

Watch “The Wives of Henry VIII”—we’ll focus on the Anne Boleyn. Keep notes from the film in your notebook for the binder check on Friday.

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5 




3/12 Scientific Revolution

In Class:

Draw the relationship between the stars, planets, sun and moon. What are other possible configurations?

In three groups, we’ll consider: geocentric theory, heliocentric theory, and Galileo’s trial. We’ll perform a 3-act play on the scientific revolution. How was it similar to the Protestant Reformation?

Galileo’s trial; discussion surrounding what the Church’s response was to his theory; primary source documents.

3/7-9 Henry the VIII & other Reformers

In Class:

Construct notes and ideas about Henry VIII. What made him famous? Who were his 6 wives? Who followed him?

Construct a table in your notes depicting each reformer’s: cause, solution, and other details about them.

Consider some music videos about him and other reformers:

  1. Henry the VIII
  2. John Calvin
  3. The Reformation Polka
In class Friday, we’ll be creating a visual that depicts the rise of those critical of the Catholic Church and its subsequent counter reformation.


Read/notes 16.3

3/6 Reformation’s Primary Sources

In Class:

What are the differences between primary and secondary sources? We’ll look at both Luther’s 95 theses and Sir thomas More’s Utopia.

Discuss the main points from the film Luther. How can we characterize him? What are your impressions of him?


Read/notes on 16.2

3/5 Martin Luther

In Class:

1. Finish watching “Luther” on DVD. Be sure you have notes from it—these will be in your binder check. (Here is a clip on the Diet of Worms in particular.)

2. If there’s time you can work on notes from 16.1. These are due tomorrow.


Notes from 16.1 are due tomorrow.


2/20-23 Connecting the Past to the Future

In Class:

We will be working in class this week on a paper and presentation where you’ll be connecting the past to the present. You and two others will be selecting a current event and figuring out how you can use your Western Civ knowledge to better understand your world today.

You have 3 days in the LMC to gather research and begin organizing your research. This project has a tight timeline. Don’t DELAY! Make good use of your LMC/class time. If you get stuck, use the Connecting the Past tab at the top of the blog for starting points or check out these western civ resource centers:

Details on the project are on this handout.

Presentations will begin next Monday, February 27, 2012.

2/13-14 Rise of Urbanism and Individualism

In Class:

Review the rise of individualism and urbanism during the Renaissance

Lecture notes on the humanities and the multiple effects of the Crusades, Black Death, and the Age of Exploration.

Watch The Colombian Exchange part one, part two, part three, etc.


Finish notes for chapter 15 and other notes for your Binder Check.