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11/17 The Great Schism

DQ: What are possible relationships between a church and a government? What should the relationship be between a government and a church?

In Class:

In small groups, discuss the questions of church/state relations. How do the Middle Ages deal with centralized court power? with the rise of Church power?

2. Learn about the US Supreme Court case Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. E.E.O.C.

3. Lecture notes on the Great Schism.


Test on Friday for Chapter 11.

Review for final exam.

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1/13/12 Rise of Kings’ Power


In Class:

Continue work on chart comparing England, France, Spain, and Germany.


Finish handout on the rise of kings’ power and the rise of nationalism

1/12/12 Executive Authority

DQ: How should executive power be allocated? What is the appropriate level of executive power?

In Class:

1. PBS Newshour segment discussing Awlaki’s death

2. Obama’s speech regarding Cleric al-Awlaki’s Death… Is ‘Major Blow’ to al-Qaida

3. We’ll be reading the article “In GOP field, Broad View of Presidential power Prevails.”

4. We’ll also look at candidates’ specific comments on a range of controversial issues surrounding executive power.


Check reading guide in Course docs.

1/11/12 The Magna Carta

DQ: What limits the power of our elected officials? What things should they be allowed to do? Not allowed to do?

In Class:

1. What powers might nobles and barons have wanted to limit? What about the peasants?

2. Watch Brainpop on Magna Carta.

3. The Model Parliament. How does it offer protection for both the nobles and the peasants?

4. Work through the handout on the Magna Carta.

Impact of the Magna Carta on the Declaration of Independence


Heath: 11.2 The Church faced a crisis in the 1300s; p. 254-256

Spielvogel: p. 300-303; The Decline of the Church: Magna Carta handout & contemporary response; Think about a specific way in which the Magna Carta is used in contemporary law. Be specific in what you extract from both the Magna Carta and documents still used today.

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1/10/12 The Rising Power of Kings and Queens

DQ: What do you think of when you think of kings and queens as rulers? Do they differ from presidents?

In Class:

Consider the specific actions of the kings and queens and how their actions increased their power. We’ll be completing a handout available in Course docs, throughout the week. It should be completed by Friday.



1/9/12 What is a Nation?

DQ: What is the difference between a civilization and a nation?

In Class:

1. Remind us where we’ve been: “Brainpop: Middle Ages.”

2. Word map for “nation.” Look at the differences between nations, states, nation-states, empires, and a feudal society.


Heath: 11.1 England and France developed as nations p. 249-254

Spielvogel: 255-265: The Emergence and Growth of European  Kingdoms