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4/23 The Enclosure Movement in Britain

1. What was this movement about?

2. When did it first occur?

3. What was happening in agriculture prior to Enclosure?

4. What made it controversial?

5. How does it impact your life today? (your own analysis)

6. What is an example today of a contemporary enclosure movement?

7. Today’s enclosure movement in Britain.


12/19 Rise of Kingdoms



Heath: Read/notes 10:5; Speilvogel 274-280

12/16 Cathedral


Read/notes: Heath 10.3/10.4  Rise of Kingdoms & Revival of Learning; Speilvogel 255-265; and 242-247;

12/15 Rise of Church Power

DQ: How powerful are religious entities today?

In Class:

Reading: Heath: 10.2/Speilvogel pp. 249-251

11/29 Engineering an Empire

DQ: What physical monuments do we have in the United States? What does it take to build something of that magnitude?

In Class:

1. Watch Engineering an Empire: The Byzantine Empire; We’ll be beginning at this point in the documentary but you are welcome to watch the rest on your own time! This is the last part we’ll watch.


Be sure you’ve read and taken notes on 178-185. This covers all of section 8.1 in Heath. (Speilvogel: p. 186-192)

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Madison builds a new Central Library



10/26 Greece Test

10/24 Review Greece

JQ: None.

In Class:

1. Create a review sheet for the exam using the review at the end of the textbook.

2. Be sure your notes are complete and thorough. Use this time to ask any questions or complete any assignments not yet done on Greece.

3. Review Inspiration in preparation for the LMC tomorrow. Time permitting, we’ll look at current events in Greece and determine any connections we can make to the 5th century.


Study for Greece test on Wednesday.