4/16 French Revolution

Monday: Revolutions

TuesdayThursday. This week students will be creating a storybook about the French Revolution. Students will include in the book both the French version and a modern one. The modern revolution will apply the tactics and chronology of the French revolution to modern times.

On Friday, we’ll be watching a film titled “The Guillotine.”

Homework for the week includes notes (see Reading & Review Guide), storybook planner and book page, and vocabulary sheet.


4/9 Salons

This week we’ll be learning about the Age of  Enlightenment thinkers of 18th century Europe. We will be preparing to host a salon on Friday.

The popular web site “Salon” is a nod to these earlier parties where hosts brought in the best of the best. These days it describes itself as:

“Salon is the leading progressive news site, combining award-winning commentary and reporting on the most important issues of the day. “

Similar to today’s “Ted Talks” where individuals share their intellectual ideas and others discuss them and are entertained by them. Consider this one about ethical animal behavior.

We’ll be hosting a salon on Friday. Details here: Philosophes’ Salon

3/25-28 Absolutism

In Class:

Monday: Perform graphic novels in class (18.3 & 18.4)

Tuesday: Watch Russia: Land of the Tsars, Peter the Great documentary. How would you characterize his rule?

Wednesday: Finish Peter the Great (3) and review for test. Prepare Binder Checks.


3/19-20 Queen Elizabeth & The Absolute Monarch

In Class:


Who was Queen Elizabeth? What did she believe in?

Watch Brainpop on Queen Elizabeth.

Identify key vocabulary for the chapter. Complete vocab handout.


Complete grid on the challenges Elizabeth faces; discuss options for how to decide how much of something should be produced.


Consult reading and review guide in Course Documents.

3/13 Anne Boleyn (One of Henry’s wives!)

In Class:

Watch “The Wives of Henry VIII”—we’ll focus on the Anne Boleyn. Keep notes from the film in your notebook for the binder check on Friday.

  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2
  3. Part 3
  4. Part 4
  5. Part 5 



3/12 Scientific Revolution

In Class:

Draw the relationship between the stars, planets, sun and moon. What are other possible configurations?

In three groups, we’ll consider: geocentric theory, heliocentric theory, and Galileo’s trial. We’ll perform a 3-act play on the scientific revolution. How was it similar to the Protestant Reformation?

Galileo’s trial; discussion surrounding what the Church’s response was to his theory; primary source documents.

3/7-9 Henry the VIII & other Reformers

In Class:

Construct notes and ideas about Henry VIII. What made him famous? Who were his 6 wives? Who followed him?

Construct a table in your notes depicting each reformer’s: cause, solution, and other details about them.

Consider some music videos about him and other reformers:

  1. Henry the VIII
  2. John Calvin
  3. The Reformation Polka
In class Friday, we’ll be creating a visual that depicts the rise of those critical of the Catholic Church and its subsequent counter reformation.


Read/notes 16.3